The Mind-wandering Wanderer

The wind told the boy to live To be unique bold and free He, although greatly pensive, Grew to a man who could see The person he couldn’t be So his soul became wild Still the wind filled him with glee Like when he was a child Fire, such insanity Taught the boy about passion… Continue reading The Mind-wandering Wanderer

The Outsider

Even the sweet peppermint and frothy eggnog of winter couldn’t wash away Derek’s bitter fall. It was disappointing the moment it started with a massive snowstorm. Derek despised snow; the way it impeded everyone’s life reminded him of nature’s cold indifference.  Derek took a walk around the block of his apartment building. He was smiling… Continue reading The Outsider

Mother’s Rain

The moon rose and projected a still darkness over Gardena City. Only insomniacs, teenagers, sinners and the grief-stricken were awake to listen to the minor key melodies the shadows played. The High-wizard’s apprentice Carlos Rodriguez was the former; after every anniversary of his mom’s death, his eyes would retreat further into inner-darkness. Each year Carlos… Continue reading Mother’s Rain


My steps started timid but steadied in stride Yet no matter the confidence I couldn't shake the danger. I prayed my steps become light and in my emotions assured Because I walked where it was ephemeral; I walked where aircraft dared. Miles from the ground on ashen nimbus Which threatened to render itself back to… Continue reading Beacon

One Man’s Solitary Sin

  David J. Wilson, a middle-aged secretary of a Southern Californian insurance company, slowly typed the agenda for his boss’ following day. His fingers -- because of both his ailments and frigid climate caused by the air conditioning — creaked at each pressing of a key which created minute pain. Due to atrophy in the joints… Continue reading One Man’s Solitary Sin