Writing Prompt Winners, March 6-11

Every Monday I do a prompt challenge for writers to participate and the plan with them was to advertise the best work of fiction from the prompts on Saturday. This was the first week people volunteered their work to my blog and I am grateful for them having done that. So in honor of the… Continue reading Writing Prompt Winners, March 6-11

Writing Prompt: It Was a Pleasure to Burn

Today's writing prompt is inspired by Fahrenheit 451, a book by Ray Bradbury. In the book "burn" refers to book burning but the prompt today is to use the opening sentence dissimilar to the context in Fahrenheit 451. The opening sentence: It was a pleasure to burn. As usual I am encouraging participation in this… Continue reading Writing Prompt: It Was a Pleasure to Burn

Writing Prompt: The Final Five

As with all the themes I plan on suggesting, The Final Five can be interpreted a myriad of ways. I am encouraging maximum participation with this prompt. Short stories, poetry, lyrics, songs, non-fiction, etc. are all accepted here in writing prompts. Come show me what you've got.

Writing Prompt: The Impossible Kid

In Aesop Rock's album The Impossible Kid,┬ábeing the impossible kid was an outright horrible thing where "everything he touch turns promptly to shit." The phrase "impossible kid" leaves much to interpretation and a lot to inspire the imagination with. And so for my first writing prompt I want to hear in what ways you can… Continue reading Writing Prompt: The Impossible Kid