Write-Up Wednesday: NANOWRIMO and Crowd Sourcing Ideas

Ever since I've known about NANOWRIMO I've wanted to participate. To me, it seemed a perfect way to get a novel written. I never got around to doing it though. Now, as I'm writing nearly every day, and as I'm dedicating myself to the life of an amateur writer, I've realized I'm at a good… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: NANOWRIMO and Crowd Sourcing Ideas

Write-up Wednesday: Novel or TV Pilot?

Hey everybody, hope you've all had a good week so far! I've been working on my coming short story collection "Bonds That Bind" for sometime now. It's edited and ready to go for this Saturday. I'm excited and I hope to see some support on my endeavor as an indie writer. I'm toying with the… Continue reading Write-up Wednesday: Novel or TV Pilot?