One Sentence Challenge: Conclusion

Congratulations to Morgan Hazlewood again for her entry to last weeks One Sentence Challenge, the topic was overcoming hardships. Here is her entry:  It’s probably best that I did not know what lay ahead, or else I might not have had the heart to face what even now feels hardly surmountable — but it was… Continue reading One Sentence Challenge: Conclusion


One Sentence Challenge #8: Overcoming Hardships

Congratulations to Morgan Hazelwood at for winning last weeks challenge Comfort From Love, here is her entry below: With a warm comfort pressed against my back, my stress fades and I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be–if only for this moment. The point of a one sentence challenge is write the most perfectly written… Continue reading One Sentence Challenge #8: Overcoming Hardships

One Sentence Challenge #7: Comfort From Love

Things are heating up in these posts! Last week had the highest number of participants to date. There is a compelling challenge in trying to leave it all out there with one sentence that seems to be garnering some attention. Congratulations to T. L. Woods at for winning last weeks challenge with an utterly beautiful entry.… Continue reading One Sentence Challenge #7: Comfort From Love

One Sentence Challenge #6: Saying Goodbye

Congratulations to Kira at Kira Scribbled for her great post on challenge #5. Her entry reads: Lying alone amongst the wet leaves, I desperately search for you in the sliver of heaven at days end. Another shout out to Leigh Reynolds, who continues to support this challenge and providing beautiful sentences as well. His spirit was… Continue reading One Sentence Challenge #6: Saying Goodbye

One Sentence Challenge #4: On a Forest Road

Let me first extend a congratulations to Leigh Reynolds (she doesn't have a website, unfortunately) for her wonderful entry in my last one sentence challenge, A Rusty Mailbox: No mail again but still I wait, watching time etch its rusty passage, still believing that love will find its way home. I also wanted to give… Continue reading One Sentence Challenge #4: On a Forest Road