Write-Up Wednesday: Growing

I'm taking steps to grow the Writings By Ender presence. Some of you might have noticed the upswing in content over the last few weeks: Write-up Wednesday, Fiction Analysis Friday and of course a short story whenever I get it done. I want to blog a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule like I mentioned in my… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: Growing

Write-Up Wednesday: Accepting the Apprentice’s Call

With NANOWRIMO around the corner, I wanted to give my opinion about why I've chosen not to participate in it this year. I haven't figured out exactly how to voice that opinion yet but I will get back to you next week. I was, however, struck with another idea that I'm much more attracted to.… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: Accepting the Apprentice’s Call

Write-up Wednesday: Novel or TV Pilot?

Hey everybody, hope you've all had a good week so far! I've been working on my coming short story collection "Bonds That Bind" for sometime now. It's edited and ready to go for this Saturday. I'm excited and I hope to see some support on my endeavor as an indie writer. I'm toying with the… Continue reading Write-up Wednesday: Novel or TV Pilot?

Write-Up Wednesday: Lots of Updates

I'm trying to develop Writings By EnderĀ into something more than short stories and poetry. I want it to be a place I can talk about my process and other writing related subjects. I also want the site to become more like blog so people can tune into my writing life. Write-Up Wednesday is part of… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: Lots of Updates