Writing Prompt: Hitchhiker

Scene: Your two main characters are travelling cross county on vacation. It's early morning and the sun has barely broken over the horizon. On the side of the road your protagonist notices a ragged old man on the side of the street. For an unknown reason you are compelled to pick up this stranger. I'm… Continue reading Writing Prompt: Hitchhiker

The Persistence of Neon, A Short Story

When she entered the room I noticed her eyes eyes first. They were bright blue and held a secret. She smiled at the clerk at the counter. She came every weekend accompanied by two bodyguards but they weren’t the expected sort of guard, rather two tall men, one rather large and the other openly armed… Continue reading The Persistence of Neon, A Short Story

Flash Fiction: Happiness Happens

Vincent sat in the shadowed room alone. Besides his breathing, the only sound was of his wristwatch ticking and the tapping of his foot against the vinyl floors. The room was empty save a bed and the chair where Vincent sat. The chair and bed were on opposite sides of the room. Vincent looked at… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Happiness Happens

Short Story: From A Hundred Pieces

Marie chose a maple log from the adjoining storage room and brought it to her workbench. She studied the imperfections nature imparted. The biography of the tree lived through the scars and contortions. In the creation of her project, she would carve out many of the marks, but a chosen few would remain imprinted. Their… Continue reading Short Story: From A Hundred Pieces

Short Story: We Bleed Together

Jackson lived by himself in a single bedroom apartment where there was more liquor in his refrigerator than food. The building itself was near-condemned. The outer walls surrendered to the damage of the cumulative decades and had mostly crumbled. With no other support, the inner-walls and weakening foundation bore the load. There was no main… Continue reading Short Story: We Bleed Together