Tenth of December By George Saunders, Book Review

There are only a handful of writers I can think of who can handle a character with such maturity that, even within a short story, I can get a full picture. One of these noble few is George Saunders. He's had stories published in The New Yorker, GQ, and other publishers ad aemulationum; he's also… Continue reading Tenth of December By George Saunders, Book Review

Solid Ground by Jeff McKown, A Book Review

I happened on Solid Ground by Jeff McKown purely by chance. It was one of those coincidences only social media allows, that my review on Letters to a Young Poet brought on. The work was dreadfully beautiful. McKown finds the most ignoble traits within a person, and, instead of caricaturing them or forcing about melodrama,… Continue reading Solid Ground by Jeff McKown, A Book Review

Not to Mention a Nice Life

Envy. I’m afraid to be honest about this fact, but that is what I felt when I read, “Not to Mention a Nice Life” by Sean Murphy. To begin with, Murphy’s and my style are wholly opposites, as if his were a roaring fire and mine was a sniveling stream. (Perhaps when it comes to… Continue reading Not to Mention a Nice Life

How To Read A Book

In 1940 an American Philosopher Mortimer Adler Wrote the first version of a book that will later be called “the classic guide to intelligent reading”. Thirty-two years later Adler heavily edited the work alongside an American academic and TV show host turned game show scandal subject Charles Van Doren. This version of the book “How… Continue reading How To Read A Book

Fiction Analysis: The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway is filled with fleeting moments. It's serene, wandering, beautiful and dreadful. The Sun Also Rises was an experience in reading, it revealed perhaps more in what wasn't expressed than in what was. Thirty-year-olds pursue moments of happiness in lavish celebration while their personal ties come undone. Heart destructively… Continue reading Fiction Analysis: The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway