Nihility’s Gate, A Short Story

The Pacific Ocean roared its heave-ho beneath the boat which Lottie was a passenger. She sat at the bow and faced sternward to capture the faces of the passengers with her iPhone. The men and women, all pilgrims, were dressed in the same white New Balance tennis shoes, boot cut jeans, and plain grey t-shirt.… Continue reading Nihility’s Gate, A Short Story

Second Sigil, A Poem

My these words be a sigil of protection Against those who know me as a writer And see me work a 9 to 5 Elvin and I have to eat May these words be a sigil of protection To deafen the voices of those who wield bullets against #Blackgirlmagic #blackbrilliance and the like This is… Continue reading Second Sigil, A Poem

Letters to A Young Poet, A Book Review 89 Years Overdue

For a book so small, so infinitesimally unassuming, I found incredible depth and a joy that comes with reading an artist’s frank expressions in the book “Letters to a Young Poet”. This book is a collection of letters from the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke to a young military officer and aspiring poet, Franz Xaver… Continue reading Letters to A Young Poet, A Book Review 89 Years Overdue

Not to Mention a Nice Life

Envy. I’m afraid to be honest about this fact, but that is what I felt when I read, “Not to Mention a Nice Life” by Sean Murphy. To begin with, Murphy’s and my style are wholly opposites, as if his were a roaring fire and mine was a sniveling stream. (Perhaps when it comes to… Continue reading Not to Mention a Nice Life

Goodbye, Things

I read “Goodbye, Things” by Fumio Sasaki in the middle of a move. The result of this moving, other than no longer having the space to have an office – I hardly ever used it anyway – was no longer having a practical space for a bookshelf. Of all the boxes I had packaged and… Continue reading Goodbye, Things