Submissions suck.

The text below is an editorial from my good friend and fellow writer at Beautiful Losers Magazine. He talks about how the magazine has been for the first few years of our life and how we've decided to go moving forward. I hope you enjoy reading it and are also on board with us for… Continue reading Submissions suck.


Writing Tips: What to do While Waiting For a Reply From A Publisher

So, you've submitted your work to a publisher. Maybe it was a novel, or maybe a short story, but either way you've labored over the work for a period of time that you can't take back. Now all you can do is wait. Waiting is the most unproductive thing a writer of any caliber can… Continue reading Writing Tips: What to do While Waiting For a Reply From A Publisher

No Post This Week (Meta Post)

Due to a scheduling issue and my computer breaking down, I won't be able to post anything this week. I'm in the middle of an article about my marriage and also (finally ) working on some new short fiction. But they are both a ways before they are posting quality. I hope you (my audience)… Continue reading No Post This Week (Meta Post)