Philosophy of Writing: An Introduction

The intention of this series is to deconstruct and analyze aspects of the craft, and in doing so to discover, with a proven rationale, a modern philosophy of writing. Why should we need a philosophy of writing at all? It is apparent to anyone involved in the field of publishing, in any respect, that the… Continue reading Philosophy of Writing: An Introduction

The Shoes I Travel In

 A few years ago I wrote a short story titled “The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune.” I scribbled it down in a hurry but let it fade, tucked away into a drawer. It was the first time I tried to channel my depression and the protagonist was so modeled after me that he should… Continue reading The Shoes I Travel In

Guest Post: Alan Siebuhr, “An Antidote to Toxic Masculinity”

Alan Siebuhr is an undergraduate at the University of California, Berkeley. When he’s not balding early due to frustration and stress, he usually posts pictures of his cat, tweets the occasional snark at @amsiebuhr, and drinks coffee and milk in abundance. I pinned him to a set of lockers. I couldn’t ignore him. There was… Continue reading Guest Post: Alan Siebuhr, “An Antidote to Toxic Masculinity”

Poetry Collection #1: “Goodbye Windmills” and “Boxes”

This is the first collection of poems by Austin Wiggins. They are called "Goodbye Windmills" and "Boxes".

Guest Post: Alan Siebuhr, Having An Opinion Isn’t Enough

Alan Siebuhr talks about objectivity and subjectivity and why your opinion isn't always right