This is America, A Novel: Chapter One

Jubilance impregnated the vibe of the bar and birthed laughter. It started with the old men and women reminiscing on how simple their once complicated issues had seemed. Just as they stopped, another group, this time the just college-graduated bar-philosophers. The thick rimmed scrawny man, in the middle of the pack, had rehashed joke made… Continue reading This is America, A Novel: Chapter One

Writing Tips: External vs Internal Conflict

Conflict can be a nebulous concept when starting your journey as a writer. Sure, all writers know that it's the peak, the apex of the story. What new writers especially have actually is a lack of the full concept. Or at least of the layers at play when it comes to conflict. There are two… Continue reading Writing Tips: External vs Internal Conflict

Write Up Wednesday: Writing Again

I haven't a choice. I'm writing again. I lack the discipline right now; work and life delay progress of works that could've been long-finished. So I have to chase discipline and make it serve me. Discipline will follow devotion. I'm mid short story right now. I'm branching into other genres trying to expand the borders… Continue reading Write Up Wednesday: Writing Again

Fiction Analysis: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

As is typical for most writers, I've heard of Neil Gaiman. I marveled at his lecture on writing and much of what he has to say about creativity. Oddly, I hadn't gotten around to reading his work until this week. His book "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" invaded my normal reading schedule… Continue reading Fiction Analysis: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Fiction Analysis: Quotes From The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby¬†by F. Scott Fitzgerald was my first literary love growing up. A large portion of my memories from high school are tied to the novel. Some devour books, but I savored Fitzgerald's every word. Fitzgerald's work is a paragon of romanticism. The book's essence emanated a love for things gone, of things happening,… Continue reading Fiction Analysis: Quotes From The Great Gatsby