Letters to A Young Poet, A Book Review 89 Years Overdue

For a book so small, so infinitesimally unassuming, I found incredible depth and a joy that comes with reading an artist’s frank expressions in the book “Letters to a Young Poet”. This book is a collection of letters from the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke to a young military officer and aspiring poet, Franz Xaver… Continue reading Letters to A Young Poet, A Book Review 89 Years Overdue

Goodbye, Things

I read “Goodbye, Things” by Fumio Sasaki in the middle of a move. The result of this moving, other than no longer having the space to have an office – I hardly ever used it anyway – was no longer having a practical space for a bookshelf. Of all the boxes I had packaged and… Continue reading Goodbye, Things

Writing Prompt Winners, March 13-18

This week's prompt was inspired by the natural feeling of fear. Fear can be negative or largely constructive, it all depends on how one is able to channel the emotion. Below are the best posts following the prompt that I suggested on Monday. And if you're interested in participating in the future, stay tuned and… Continue reading Writing Prompt Winners, March 13-18

Surprise and Update (Meta Post)

I've been working on this pretty quietly for a while now (unless you've seen me on twitter), and it's finally time to announce my latest project. I am the co-creator of a new LitMag called Beautiful Losers Magazine and we are going live this Friday (May 20th) at 12PM EST. We will be rolling out… Continue reading Surprise and Update (Meta Post)

Guest Post: Dario Cannizzaro, The Name of the Rose

Writer Dario Cannizzaro details his childhood experiences and how they helped him progress into the thinker he is today.