Mixed Media Inspiration: Lack of Inspiration

I've found I've been lacking inspiration the last few days. It's common writing practice to linger around until inspiration hits you, but that's not what I do. It's not what working writers do; we don't have the time. In times of an inspiration deficiency I seek three simple pleasures: reading, music, and social interaction. Reading… Continue reading Mixed Media Inspiration: Lack of Inspiration

Mixed Media Monday: (Rap) Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid

I wrote about Aesop Rock before in a post called The Shoes I Travel In. It was a reflection on living with purpose. I quoted his song Leisureforce using only "Final answer: not to be. Not to be is right. Next Question: to build winged shoes or autophagy." You can read my post if you're curious… Continue reading Mixed Media Monday: (Rap) Aesop Rock – The Impossible Kid

Fiction Analysis: Simon and Garfunkel, A Poem on the Underground Wall

I was going to continue with the series on Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man but I thought a bit of variety would be good. I also didn't want to pigeonhole myself into analyzing just fiction because I draw a great deal of inspiration from music as well. At the same time I ran into this song on… Continue reading Fiction Analysis: Simon and Garfunkel, A Poem on the Underground Wall

The Outsider

Even the sweet peppermint and frothy eggnog of winter couldn’t wash away Derek’s bitter fall. It was disappointing the moment it started with a massive snowstorm. Derek despised snow; the way it impeded everyone’s life reminded him of nature’s cold indifference.  Derek took a walk around the block of his apartment building. He was smiling… Continue reading The Outsider