Mother’s Rain

The moon rose and projected a still darkness over Gardena City. Only insomniacs, teenagers, sinners and the grief-stricken were awake to listen to the minor key melodies the shadows played. The High-wizard’s apprentice Carlos Rodriguez was the former; after every anniversary of his mom’s death, his eyes would retreat further into inner-darkness. Each year Carlos… Continue reading Mother’s Rain

Poetry Collection #2: “Untitled #1”, “Move Over Sisyphus” and “Mom”

Untitled #1 A thousand miles divided us when you said “You’re my sunshine”, but I’m no sun; I am the cold, distant moon. It is only because of you, my incandescent star, That I, too, can gleam Move Over Sisyphus Tired, Unduly ragged From nights of debauchery Fueled by the bottles of liquor, Made by… Continue reading Poetry Collection #2: “Untitled #1”, “Move Over Sisyphus” and “Mom”