Samples of Flesh, Changing of the Gods, and Proof Beyond Doubt

Samples of Flesh Creaking knees are ticking seconds Of a Rolex inherited from ancestral DNA Either elastic of pleather Plastic or gold, the hand moves the same These dwindling seconds are all there is Despite Shoulder's Weight And suitcased eyes It moves just right Changing of the Gods The mind is an autoimmune disease Benedicting… Continue reading Samples of Flesh, Changing of the Gods, and Proof Beyond Doubt


Writing Tips: Science and Six Plots

Science and Fiction, 6 Plots

  Over the past few years scientists have been working to reduce story plots into data. On February 4, 2015 The Paris Review released an article called "Man In Hole" with the subtitle of "Can a Novel's Plot Be Reduced to Data Points?" On July 12, 2016 The Atlantic put out an article "The Six… Continue reading Writing Tips: Science and Six Plots

Monday Inspiration: How to Conquer Hardships

Creatives, like everyone else, undergo hardships. Life can't bend to our artistic whims and we're forced to abide by the laws of reality. There will be hardships. In family, or friends, at work, or in our leisure the inevitable hardship will strike. The dedicated creative, the passionate worker is left at an impasse when squaring up with… Continue reading Monday Inspiration: How to Conquer Hardships

Mixed Media Inspiration: (YouTuber) John Hill

John Hill is a vlogger and skateboarder on YouTube with over 365,000 subscribers. With John Hill being a skateboarder and myself a writer, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "How am I drawing inspiration from him?" Inspiration can be drawn from any walk of life. Inspiration doesn't cling to a preference of craft, it reaches… Continue reading Mixed Media Inspiration: (YouTuber) John Hill

Write Up Wednesday: Reminder To Self: You Are A Writer

Reminder To Self: You Are A Writer. I'm intimately aware of your doubts countering this but doubts don't add up to truth. You make art; not all of it is good, not all is garbage, all of them are lectures reminding yourself of identity. Art seeped into your blood and melded with your DNA the second you… Continue reading Write Up Wednesday: Reminder To Self: You Are A Writer