Writing Tips: Step-by-Step Story Writing Process

Shout out to da-AL at https://happinessbetweentails.com for saying she would like to read a post about my writing process. Please take some time to read her work! It makes me happy to engage with people like da-AL who takes their time to comment on people's work. And so, if you are so inclined, what kind of… Continue reading Writing Tips: Step-by-Step Story Writing Process

Writing Tips: How to Improve Your Story

So you have a story. You're excited having finished but a bit hesitant on having to look back. Somehow you muster the courage and reread your once esteemed draft, then what happens? Your story has the framework of your intention but it feels hollow, it is missing an important density and vitality. How do you… Continue reading Writing Tips: How to Improve Your Story

Mixed Media Monday: Salvador Dali

I was going to let the poll I ran last until this Wednesday, but I feel I've given it sufficient time. The obvious winner for my Monday slot is Mixed-Media Monday. Mixed-Media Monday is meant for me to introduce other bits of media that inspire. I want to also try to explore a bit why… Continue reading Mixed Media Monday: Salvador Dali

The Mind-wandering Wanderer

The wind told the boy to live To be unique bold and free He, although greatly pensive, Grew to a man who could see The person he couldn’t be So his soul became wild Still the wind filled him with glee Like when he was a child Fire, such insanity Taught the boy about passion… Continue reading The Mind-wandering Wanderer

Guest Post: Dario Cannizzaro, The Name of the Rose

Writer Dario Cannizzaro details his childhood experiences and how they helped him progress into the thinker he is today.