Mixed Media Inspiration: Lack of Inspiration

I've found I've been lacking inspiration the last few days. It's common writing practice to linger around until inspiration hits you, but that's not what I do. It's not what working writers do; we don't have the time. In times of an inspiration deficiency I seek three simple pleasures: reading, music, and social interaction. Reading… Continue reading Mixed Media Inspiration: Lack of Inspiration

Mixed Media Monday: Salvador Dali

I was going to let the poll I ran last until this Wednesday, but I feel I've given it sufficient time. The obvious winner for my Monday slot is Mixed-Media Monday. Mixed-Media Monday is meant for me to introduce other bits of media that inspire. I want to also try to explore a bit why… Continue reading Mixed Media Monday: Salvador Dali

Write-Up Wednesday: Accepting the Apprentice’s Call

With NANOWRIMO around the corner, I wanted to give my opinion about why I've chosen not to participate in it this year. I haven't figured out exactly how to voice that opinion yet but I will get back to you next week. I was, however, struck with another idea that I'm much more attracted to.… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: Accepting the Apprentice’s Call

No Post This Week (Meta Post)

Due to a scheduling issue and my computer breaking down, I won't be able to post anything this week. I'm in the middle of an article about my marriage and also (finally ) working on some new short fiction. But they are both a ways before they are posting quality. I hope you (my audience)… Continue reading No Post This Week (Meta Post)