My steps started timid but steadied in stride Yet no matter the confidence I couldn't shake the danger. I prayed my steps become light and in my emotions assured Because I walked where it was ephemeral; I walked where aircraft dared. Miles from the ground on ashen nimbus Which threatened to render itself back to… Continue reading Beacon

Poetry Collection #2: “Untitled #1”, “Move Over Sisyphus” and “Mom”

Untitled #1 A thousand miles divided us when you said “You’re my sunshine”, but I’m no sun; I am the cold, distant moon. It is only because of you, my incandescent star, That I, too, can gleam Move Over Sisyphus Tired, Unduly ragged From nights of debauchery Fueled by the bottles of liquor, Made by… Continue reading Poetry Collection #2: “Untitled #1”, “Move Over Sisyphus” and “Mom”

The Shoes I Travel In

 A few years ago I wrote a short story titled “The Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune.” I scribbled it down in a hurry but let it fade, tucked away into a drawer. It was the first time I tried to channel my depression and the protagonist was so modeled after me that he should… Continue reading The Shoes I Travel In