Write-up Wednesday: Open Submissions

I've decided to revitalize my effort to get submissions onto the site as guest posts. I want the site to become a bit less about my own writing get an even wider view of writing as a whole. This will take content of various sorts from voices different than my own. So what am I… Continue reading Write-up Wednesday: Open Submissions

4 Poems by Princess/Royal Reader

New Wrapped around the world, a haunted past. Incite the deepest joy, the future beckons With a hand, That bears no marks or signs of sorrow. There, forgotten, lays an incandescent path Leading to a field called Hope Which lost itself inside our helpless thoughts, Until a darkness came and took its hold. Yet what… Continue reading 4 Poems by Princess/Royal Reader

Poetry: Guest Post – Four Poems by Aletha Katherine

The End inky lines of wasted art ripped - shattered - torn apart pen to paper, words on a page minds in chains, worlds encaged prophesying inexorable damnation in the name of noble liberation drag us down like iron around our legs tea’s evaporated, left only the dregs within fatal destiny’s drought battles won and… Continue reading Poetry: Guest Post – Four Poems by Aletha Katherine

Short Story: Guest Post – Gohama by Jordan Robinson

Gohama walked up the stairs to the top of the wall of Ikalga. Once there, he stopped at the parapet and glanced into the distance. The land outside the walls was in a peaceful state, opposite of the city itself, whose insides were burning. The police force would soon be on their way to subdue… Continue reading Short Story: Guest Post – Gohama by Jordan Robinson

Writing Tips: Guest Post – Greg Schiller, The Wrong End of the Pencil

When we were kids, my brother and I turned our attic into a studio and covered the walls with sketches. He put his drawings up on one side and I put mine on the other. This made it painfully clear whose work was better. By a long shot. It is just the way it was.… Continue reading Writing Tips: Guest Post – Greg Schiller, The Wrong End of the Pencil