Echo One, Flash Fiction

“Echo One to Houston, do you read?” A man shouted into a receiver as his rescue pod tumbled into Earth’s orbit. The rescue pod was smoking and sparking, and inside the cramped pod where Astronaut Raphael Hernandez folded into, the lights were off. “Echo One to Houston, do you read,” Raphael repeated into the dead… Continue reading Echo One, Flash Fiction

Writing Prompt Winners, March 6-11

Every Monday I do a prompt challenge for writers to participate and the plan with them was to advertise the best work of fiction from the prompts on Saturday. This was the first week people volunteered their work to my blog and I am grateful for them having done that. So in honor of the… Continue reading Writing Prompt Winners, March 6-11

Departure a Flash Fiction Story

Mark’s departure had nothing to do with no longer being in love with his wife Lexie but the departure did promise a reprieve from the constant fighting and mutual torment. The drive to the airport was quiet and neither dared to share a word with the other. There were half utterance trying to mention a… Continue reading Departure a Flash Fiction Story

Writing Prompt: The Final Five

As with all the themes I plan on suggesting, The Final Five can be interpreted a myriad of ways. I am encouraging maximum participation with this prompt. Short stories, poetry, lyrics, songs, non-fiction, etc. are all accepted here in writing prompts. Come show me what you've got.

Symptoms of a Moment, A Flash Fiction

Within a moment. A woman in a flower dress plastered with daisies dropped to one knee in front of the fountain and proposed to the man before her. His eyes beamed first and the smile came second his lips parted a simple but stunned, “Yes”. A mother and her son walked side by side towards… Continue reading Symptoms of a Moment, A Flash Fiction