Short Story: Of Flowers

Of Flowers    The room smelled of flowers. Haralson was altogether disgusted by the sweet smell wafting from the rosebush just outside O’connor’s bar. He didn’t want to be there. The scent of rose was overpowering and it distorted the taste of his IPA. There was also the problem of the bar’s patrons. Mobsters, loan… Continue reading Short Story: Of Flowers

Poetry Collection #4: Safe In Dreamscapes, You Can Go Far Kid, Grow Through

Safe In Dreamscapes He walked with his dad Down from Maple street To the corner store To buy franks and Bud Was a dream of course Dad died in ‘05 And the little store Ransacked in riots They crossed Terrence Bridge That Timmy jumped off Then took a left turn And saw Timmy’s dad Whose… Continue reading Poetry Collection #4: Safe In Dreamscapes, You Can Go Far Kid, Grow Through

Mother’s Rain

The moon rose and projected a still darkness over Gardena City. Only insomniacs, teenagers, sinners and the grief-stricken were awake to listen to the minor key melodies the shadows played. The High-wizard’s apprentice Carlos Rodriguez was the former; after every anniversary of his mom’s death, his eyes would retreat further into inner-darkness. Each year Carlos… Continue reading Mother’s Rain


George was always diligent in expelling extraneous effects from his office desk. He assigned every document a one-up serialization code the instant their cellulose contacted the table. Before closing the work away in one of the many gunmetal filing cabinets, he would place it in a folder with a color that indicated its urgency —… Continue reading Radiance