Fahrenheit 451 a Book Review

Here's a review I did of Fahrenheit 451 from about a year ago. It's nice to read my opinions on these works with some distance between. #amwriting #amreading

Letters to A Young Poet, A Book Review 89 Years Overdue

For a book so small, so infinitesimally unassuming, I found incredible depth and a joy that comes with reading an artist’s frank expressions in the book “Letters to a Young Poet”. This book is a collection of letters from the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke to a young military officer and aspiring poet, Franz Xaver… Continue reading Letters to A Young Poet, A Book Review 89 Years Overdue

Goodbye, Things

I read “Goodbye, Things” by Fumio Sasaki in the middle of a move. The result of this moving, other than no longer having the space to have an office – I hardly ever used it anyway – was no longer having a practical space for a bookshelf. Of all the boxes I had packaged and… Continue reading Goodbye, Things

How to Be a Writer

If the last book I reviewed, “How to Read a Book”, and Barbara Baig’s 2010 work “How to Be a Writer” are reflections of my personality, then it is clear that I liked to be told how to do things that I already do habitually. Although I seem to repeat variations of this same idea,… Continue reading How to Be a Writer

How To Read A Book

In 1940 an American Philosopher Mortimer Adler Wrote the first version of a book that will later be called “the classic guide to intelligent reading”. Thirty-two years later Adler heavily edited the work alongside an American academic and TV show host turned game show scandal subject Charles Van Doren. This version of the book “How… Continue reading How To Read A Book