Write-Up Wednesday: Lots of Updates

I'm trying to develop Writings By Ender into something more than short stories and poetry. I want it to be a place I can talk about my process and other writing related subjects. I also want the site to become more like blog so people can tune into my writing life. Write-Up Wednesday is part of… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: Lots of Updates

Hiatus and Writer Sponsorship (Meta Post)

I've thought about it for a while and I know it might be tough to hear but I'm deciding to go on hiatus starting after this Saturday. This doesn't mean I won't be writing, however. I am taking hiatus from short story and poetry writing so I can focus on writing my novel. I didn't… Continue reading Hiatus and Writer Sponsorship (Meta Post)

The Outsider

Even the sweet peppermint and frothy eggnog of winter couldn’t wash away Derek’s bitter fall. It was disappointing the moment it started with a massive snowstorm. Derek despised snow; the way it impeded everyone’s life reminded him of nature’s cold indifference.  Derek took a walk around the block of his apartment building. He was smiling… Continue reading The Outsider

Why I Write

  When I started writing, I ignored the many requirements of being a writer. I didn’t make deadlines for myself, had no coherent writing process and despised revision. Despite knowing my work was second-rate, I continued writing and also started reading writing books. I was hoping to find advice that would improve the quality of my… Continue reading Why I Write

Submissions Tab (Meta post #4)

To help writers get exposure, Writings by Ender has opened up their submissions to all types of writing.