Write Up Wednesday: Your Work Will Evolve

Premise I've mentioned last week I'm writing a post-apocalypse themed short story. I also brought up how it was another attempt at an idea I've tried before. Well, today is about that; It's about rewriting. Yesterday marked the third iteration of the same story. I've been trying to manipulate it different ways but it still leaves… Continue reading Write Up Wednesday: Your Work Will Evolve

Write-Up Wednesday: NANOWRIMO and Crowd Sourcing Ideas

Ever since I've known about NANOWRIMO I've wanted to participate. To me, it seemed a perfect way to get a novel written. I never got around to doing it though. Now, as I'm writing nearly every day, and as I'm dedicating myself to the life of an amateur writer, I've realized I'm at a good… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: NANOWRIMO and Crowd Sourcing Ideas

Write-Up Wednesday: Lots of Updates

I'm trying to develop Writings By Ender into something more than short stories and poetry. I want it to be a place I can talk about my process and other writing related subjects. I also want the site to become more like blog so people can tune into my writing life. Write-Up Wednesday is part of… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: Lots of Updates

Guest Post: Dario Cannizzaro, The Name of the Rose

Writer Dario Cannizzaro details his childhood experiences and how they helped him progress into the thinker he is today.

Guest Post: Kevin Klehr, Her Cat Was Yesterday’s News Feed

Kevin Klehr's short story beautifully explains the experience of a young girl but ends up showing much more.