Poetry Collection #3: How to Build Your Soul, This Little Light, Summer 2016, and Nature’s Lessons

How To Build Your Soul Take your experiences  Combine with shale and water  Add high pressure and heat it  To 2010 degrees.    Subtract your reservations  Then slowly move it from heat;  What emerges will be stone  Brittle yet strangely sturdy. This Little Light The sun’s light lies dormant In its gigantic core For a… Continue reading Poetry Collection #3: How to Build Your Soul, This Little Light, Summer 2016, and Nature’s Lessons


Mother’s Rain

The moon rose and projected a still darkness over Gardena City. Only insomniacs, teenagers, sinners and the grief-stricken were awake to listen to the minor key melodies the shadows played. The High-wizard’s apprentice Carlos Rodriguez was the former; after every anniversary of his mom’s death, his eyes would retreat further into inner-darkness. Each year Carlos… Continue reading Mother’s Rain

Rising Light

There was once within me an unconquerable umbra It wouldn’t dare capitulate against my steadied will. I would spin my wheels struggling against the shade But that only made bloom the now-perpetual inner gloom And soon there was a new overhead With the Black Hole Sun that was prophesized from the garden That promised an… Continue reading Rising Light


George was always diligent in expelling extraneous effects from his office desk. He assigned every document a one-up serialization code the instant their cellulose contacted the table. Before closing the work away in one of the many gunmetal filing cabinets, he would place it in a folder with a color that indicated its urgency —… Continue reading Radiance


My steps started timid but steadied in stride Yet no matter the confidence I couldn't shake the danger. I prayed my steps become light and in my emotions assured Because I walked where it was ephemeral; I walked where aircraft dared. Miles from the ground on ashen nimbus Which threatened to render itself back to… Continue reading Beacon