The Emperor of Stagnation, a Poem

In the years I thought myself invincible Competition was an itch I refused to scratch Now it erupts from me as if some cancer That didn't want to be a member of this body This is and was the formula; Strive towards something, Progress as one normally would, Realize you were getting good, Then quit… Continue reading The Emperor of Stagnation, a Poem


Fear is in the Mind of the Beholder, a Poem

You haven't read The bodies of work I expend salt water over It is not because you are cruel Nor is your voice a myriad vipers Clutching, clinging, stinging At every mistake Rather, I am afraid your harmony May one day sound akin the cacophonous criticisms That I judge myself with daily Photo Credit:

The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, A Book Review

Heart-breakingly beautiful. Beautifully heart breaking. I'm not sure which one is more apt in the case of Rupi Kaur's work "the sun and her flowers". Even with having read, and reviewed, her debut collection "Milk and Honey", I was still unprepared for the ways that it would impress on me. It moved me to the… Continue reading The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur, A Book Review

One Sentence Challenge #8: Overcoming Hardships

Congratulations to Morgan Hazelwood at for winning last weeks challenge Comfort From Love, here is her entry below: With a warm comfort pressed against my back, my stress fades and I know I’m right where I’m supposed to be–if only for this moment. The point of a one sentence challenge is write the most perfectly written… Continue reading One Sentence Challenge #8: Overcoming Hardships

Transmuter, A Poem

Counting the times I tried Transmuting my lead heart to Gold, with foot-and-hand digits Would take armies Photo credit: