Writing Tips: External vs Internal Conflict

Conflict can be a nebulous concept when starting your journey as a writer. Sure, all writers know that it's the peak, the apex of the story. What new writers especially have actually is a lack of the full concept. Or at least of the layers at play when it comes to conflict. There are two… Continue reading Writing Tips: External vs Internal Conflict

Writing Tips: How to Improve Your Story

So you have a story. You're excited having finished but a bit hesitant on having to look back. Somehow you muster the courage and reread your once esteemed draft, then what happens? Your story has the framework of your intention but it feels hollow, it is missing an important density and vitality. How do you… Continue reading Writing Tips: How to Improve Your Story

Writing Tips: The Power of Rewriting

Revision is a passionless, cold, extraction of your beautiful thoughts, right? Not exactly. It's more likely that revision will save you from yourself, as it's saved my writing many times. There are, for the sake of brevity, two types of editing: line editing and content editing. I pride myself in the latter (and think it's… Continue reading Writing Tips: The Power of Rewriting

Write Up Wednesday: Your Work Will Evolve

Premise I've mentioned last week I'm writing a post-apocalypse themed short story. I also brought up how it was another attempt at an idea I've tried before. Well, today is about that; It's about rewriting. Yesterday marked the third iteration of the same story. I've been trying to manipulate it different ways but it still leaves… Continue reading Write Up Wednesday: Your Work Will Evolve

Write Up Wednesday: Writing Again

I haven't a choice. I'm writing again. I lack the discipline right now; work and life delay progress of works that could've been long-finished. So I have to chase discipline and make it serve me. Discipline will follow devotion. I'm mid short story right now. I'm branching into other genres trying to expand the borders… Continue reading Write Up Wednesday: Writing Again