Utopia of Trees, A Short Story

The sun bellowed blistering words onto my back as I left from a day’s work. Exposed skin between the collar of my t-shirt and the start of my hair radiated heat from being victim to the constant tirade. The village of trees that would shade me from Ra was only a few minutes’ walk away.… Continue reading Utopia of Trees, A Short Story


Attraction is Imaginable, A Short Story

Is that a pink bow? Didn't think women wore bows anymore. I mean it looks cute, but I guess her cuteness isn't some aesthetic expression for me; it's for her own self-expression. Wait, what's that on her bow? Squinting sucks, I should buy new glasses at some point. Too poor to deal with that now,… Continue reading Attraction is Imaginable, A Short Story

Lilies, A Poem

God (or whoever) granted the blossomage of lilies only two days Emerging from the pond, the flower opens pearlescent off-white At night fall it closes to guard itself The twilight of the bloom begins the next day It opens with petals pliant and pink Then closes a final time, jettisoned into the lake The pilfering… Continue reading Lilies, A Poem

Nihility’s Gate, A Short Story

The Pacific Ocean roared its heave-ho beneath the boat which Lottie was a passenger. She sat at the bow and faced sternward to capture the faces of the passengers with her iPhone. The men and women, all pilgrims, were dressed in the same white New Balance tennis shoes, boot cut jeans, and plain grey t-shirt.… Continue reading Nihility’s Gate, A Short Story

Metamorphosis, Another Wanderer, The Implications of Tragedy, and The Return of Light

Metamorphosis Blaring aural projections Render the ripple-less sea Into a marionette Its form twists and turns At the noise's transient demands Making it look as one of God's reject creations That can never re-learn stillness Another Wanderer Through the Oasis of Ra With redwood palms With crystalline water Another Wanderer Trudges He begged for the… Continue reading Metamorphosis, Another Wanderer, The Implications of Tragedy, and The Return of Light