Fahrenheit 451 a Book Review

Here's a review I did of Fahrenheit 451 from about a year ago. It's nice to read my opinions on these works with some distance between. #amwriting #amreading

Solid Ground by Jeff McKown, A Book Review

I happened on Solid Ground by Jeff McKown purely by chance. It was one of those coincidences only social media allows, that my review on Letters to a Young Poet brought on. The work was dreadfully beautiful. McKown finds the most ignoble traits within a person, and, instead of caricaturing them or forcing about melodrama,… Continue reading Solid Ground by Jeff McKown, A Book Review

Letters to A Young Poet, A Book Review 89 Years Overdue

For a book so small, so infinitesimally unassuming, I found incredible depth and a joy that comes with reading an artist’s frank expressions in the book “Letters to a Young Poet”. This book is a collection of letters from the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke to a young military officer and aspiring poet, Franz Xaver… Continue reading Letters to A Young Poet, A Book Review 89 Years Overdue

Not to Mention a Nice Life

Envy. I’m afraid to be honest about this fact, but that is what I felt when I read, “Not to Mention a Nice Life” by Sean Murphy. To begin with, Murphy’s and my style are wholly opposites, as if his were a roaring fire and mine was a sniveling stream. (Perhaps when it comes to… Continue reading Not to Mention a Nice Life

Goodbye, Things

I read “Goodbye, Things” by Fumio Sasaki in the middle of a move. The result of this moving, other than no longer having the space to have an office – I hardly ever used it anyway – was no longer having a practical space for a bookshelf. Of all the boxes I had packaged and… Continue reading Goodbye, Things