Transmuter, A Poem

Counting the times I tried Transmuting my lead heart to Gold, with foot-and-hand digits Would take armies Photo credit:¬†  

Lilies, A Poem

God (or whoever) granted the blossomage of lilies only two days Emerging from the pond, the flower opens pearlescent off-white At night fall it closes to guard itself The twilight of the bloom begins the next day It opens with petals pliant and pink Then closes a final time, jettisoned into the lake The pilfering… Continue reading Lilies, A Poem

Bloodline (For Dad), A Poem

Sometimes I still feel like the teenager Who took silent escapades into our living room closet To look at the thing your blood unknowingly passed to me I remember the fresh gossamer riddled closet The dust ridden portfolio case housing your past life. I will never forget your story Dad, the artist with lead and… Continue reading Bloodline (For Dad), A Poem

Hands and Other Torture Devices, A Poem

Martin Luther King Jr and Ghiath Matar Instructed in the ways of peace Met untimely deaths at the hands And other torture devices of their aggressors Who would've benefited from their continued oppression The roses Matar handed to Syrian solders along with water Could not protect him against the whims of evil Dreams benevolent and… Continue reading Hands and Other Torture Devices, A Poem

Second Sigil, A Poem

My these words be a sigil of protection Against those who know me as a writer And see me work a 9 to 5 Elvin and I have to eat May these words be a sigil of protection To deafen the voices of those who wield bullets against #Blackgirlmagic #blackbrilliance and the like This is… Continue reading Second Sigil, A Poem