Samples of Flesh, Changing of the Gods, and Proof Beyond Doubt

Samples of Flesh Creaking knees are ticking seconds Of a Rolex inherited from ancestral DNA Either elastic of pleather Plastic or gold, the hand moves the same These dwindling seconds are all there is Despite Shoulder's Weight And suitcased eyes It moves just right Changing of the Gods The mind is an autoimmune disease Benedicting… Continue reading Samples of Flesh, Changing of the Gods, and Proof Beyond Doubt


Writing Prompt Winners, March 6-11

Every Monday I do a prompt challenge for writers to participate and the plan with them was to advertise the best work of fiction from the prompts on Saturday. This was the first week people volunteered their work to my blog and I am grateful for them having done that. So in honor of the… Continue reading Writing Prompt Winners, March 6-11

Pen and Paper, A Poem by Jessie Gutierrez

Each swipe of the pen is Like needle and thread; A suture to mend, All the ways these days Have cut me. Each sheet of paper sullied, Soaked equally with anguish and joy, Bleeds me of anxiety and need, Forever stained with the pain Of too visceral emotion. A healing ledger of what was once… Continue reading Pen and Paper, A Poem by Jessie Gutierrez

Flash Fiction: Blackout

I stopped seeing the doctors a while ago. In a few months I spent over a hundred thousand dollars visiting doctors and other specialists. It was a fruitless attempt to remedy my blackouts. My case was impossible, they all said. My brain was healthy but they kept testing, of course. They ran their tests and… Continue reading Flash Fiction: Blackout

The Mind-wandering Wanderer

The wind told the boy to live To be unique bold and free He, although greatly pensive, Grew to a man who could see The person he couldn’t be So his soul became wild Still the wind filled him with glee Like when he was a child Fire, such insanity Taught the boy about passion… Continue reading The Mind-wandering Wanderer