Looking for Opinions on Blog Posts

Update 2/13/17: I've been getting great recommendations but I still haven't found exactly the right type of post I'm looking for. I'm still scouring other blogs in search of an idea and I hope you guys will be able to help me still. Writings By Ender has been growing since my effort to produce more… Continue reading Looking for Opinions on Blog Posts

Media Inspiration: Intimacy From Psychology Today

Jasmin, my wife, got me a copy of this month's Psychology Today a few days ago. The cover issue of the magazine was about intimacy. The article is called Getting Close, and I recommend this article for all of you. This article had me thinking about intimacy and its place within my writing. I searched… Continue reading Media Inspiration: Intimacy From Psychology Today

Mixed Media Inspiration: Shane Koyczan

I've spoken about the spoken word poet Shane Koyczan once before in my blog. For a fiction analysis segment, I showed his poem A Letter To Remind Myself Who I Am. I'm listening to this poem as I write this, because starting content this week has been difficult. I owe myself this though, so I've got… Continue reading Mixed Media Inspiration: Shane Koyczan

Mixed Media Inspiration: Lack of Inspiration

I've found I've been lacking inspiration the last few days. It's common writing practice to linger around until inspiration hits you, but that's not what I do. It's not what working writers do; we don't have the time. In times of an inspiration deficiency I seek three simple pleasures: reading, music, and social interaction. Reading… Continue reading Mixed Media Inspiration: Lack of Inspiration

Mixed Media Inspiration: (YouTuber) John Hill

John Hill is a vlogger and skateboarder on YouTube with over 365,000 subscribers. With John Hill being a skateboarder and myself a writer, I'm sure some of you are thinking, "How am I drawing inspiration from him?" Inspiration can be drawn from any walk of life. Inspiration doesn't cling to a preference of craft, it reaches… Continue reading Mixed Media Inspiration: (YouTuber) John Hill