Writing Update, Free Ebook

I released Bonds That Bind late last year. It took time for me to realize it but my release of the book was contrary to what I stand for. To remedy this, I am now giving my collection Bonds that Bind for free here on Writings By Ender. If you enjoy it and want to… Continue reading Writing Update, Free Ebook

Write-Up Wednesday: Novel and Friday Weekly Posts

I made a decision this week about what project I should work on. It's pretty clear that I should work on a novel next. Not only that but I've decided to stick to the novel I really wanted to scrap. I've been reading "The Art of Slow Writing" by Louise DeSalvo, and in it is… Continue reading Write-Up Wednesday: Novel and Friday Weekly Posts

Book Launch: Bonds That Bind 

I've been talking about it for a few weeks now but today is the day. Bonds That Bind is ready for purchase! As I've explained before this collection of short stories is further edited version of stories on this blog.  What I would appreciate is for my loyal readers to buy it anyway if only to support… Continue reading Book Launch: Bonds That Bind 

Hiatus and Writer Sponsorship (Meta Post)

I've thought about it for a while and I know it might be tough to hear but I'm deciding to go on hiatus starting after this Saturday. This doesn't mean I won't be writing, however. I am taking hiatus from short story and poetry writing so I can focus on writing my novel. I didn't… Continue reading Hiatus and Writer Sponsorship (Meta Post)

Surprise and Update (Meta Post)

I've been working on this pretty quietly for a while now (unless you've seen me on twitter), and it's finally time to announce my latest project. I am the co-creator of a new LitMag called Beautiful Losers Magazine and we are going live this Friday (May 20th) at 12PM EST. We will be rolling out… Continue reading Surprise and Update (Meta Post)