Writing Prompt Winners, March 6-11

Every Monday I do a prompt challenge for writers to participate and the plan with them was to advertise the best work of fiction from the prompts on Saturday. This was the first week people volunteered their work to my blog and I am grateful for them having done that. So in honor of the… Continue reading Writing Prompt Winners, March 6-11

Pen and Paper, A Poem by Jessie Gutierrez

Each swipe of the pen is Like needle and thread; A suture to mend, All the ways these days Have cut me. Each sheet of paper sullied, Soaked equally with anguish and joy, Bleeds me of anxiety and need, Forever stained with the pain Of too visceral emotion. A healing ledger of what was once… Continue reading Pen and Paper, A Poem by Jessie Gutierrez

3 Pillars for Authentic Expression by Reverie Ink

The Creative Process The creative process is simple in concept- a powerful practice, like ritual or meditation. However, authentic expression requires an openness and boldness that can be daunting. This expression- be it through writing, music, art, design, dance, photography, etc.- is inherently personal. It is the act of putting the internal into the external… Continue reading 3 Pillars for Authentic Expression by Reverie Ink

4 Poems by Princess/Royal Reader

New Wrapped around the world, a haunted past. Incite the deepest joy, the future beckons With a hand, That bears no marks or signs of sorrow. There, forgotten, lays an incandescent path Leading to a field called Hope Which lost itself inside our helpless thoughts, Until a darkness came and took its hold. Yet what… Continue reading 4 Poems by Princess/Royal Reader

Poetry: Guest Post – Four Poems by Aletha Katherine

The End inky lines of wasted art ripped - shattered - torn apart pen to paper, words on a page minds in chains, worlds encaged prophesying inexorable damnation in the name of noble liberation drag us down like iron around our legs tea’s evaporated, left only the dregs within fatal destiny’s drought battles won and… Continue reading Poetry: Guest Post – Four Poems by Aletha Katherine