Roles of a Writer: The Advertiser

Advertisers are the image presenters of the company. They ensure the company's brand has an overall cohesiveness, and more than that, actively try to draw customers to invest in the product. As such there are lessons for writers to learn from advertisers this article will limit those lessons to submitting work, advertising with social media,… Continue reading Roles of a Writer: The Advertiser

Roles of a Writer: The Manager

The first part of this series focused on the laborer role of a writer. The laborer can best be summarized as getting the work done and trying to do it effectively. There is more to writing than completing tasks, so today will focus on one of the most important non-writing roles: Management. The Manager When… Continue reading Roles of a Writer: The Manager

Roles of a Writer: The Laborer

Writers often assume different roles throughout a day and switch between them without needing much thought. A writer can easily move between managing their writing schedules to advertising their work in progress. We might not be adept at every role and we might be exceedingly proficient in another, but each of the roles require development… Continue reading Roles of a Writer: The Laborer