Finding Your Writing Voice

Many authors are in pursuit of a unique voice when they first start writing. They are in awe of the inexhaustible ways professionals write and desire to mimic that uniqueness. There is also an equal and opposite problem affecting these beginners that is ubiquitous. Everyday we are bombarded with language from our peers, from television,¬†from… Continue reading Finding Your Writing Voice

Roles of a Writer: The Advertiser

Advertisers are the image presenters of the company. They ensure the company's brand has an overall cohesiveness, and more than that, actively try to draw customers to invest in the product. As such there are lessons for writers to learn from advertisers this article will limit those lessons to submitting work, advertising with social media,… Continue reading Roles of a Writer: The Advertiser

Coping With Fear and Anxiety in Writing

You're at your favorite writing spot and equipped with every notebook, pen, and pencil that you desire. Everything is set up just right and even your plan for your writing is ready to pour out of you. But you listen to the clock and you check your phone and you grab a cup of water… Continue reading Coping With Fear and Anxiety in Writing

Roles of a Writer: The Manager

The first part of this series focused on the laborer role of a writer. The laborer can best be summarized as getting the work done and trying to do it effectively. There is more to writing than completing tasks, so today will focus on one of the most important non-writing roles: Management. The Manager When… Continue reading Roles of a Writer: The Manager

3 Pillars for Authentic Expression by Reverie Ink

The Creative Process The creative process is simple in concept- a powerful practice, like ritual or meditation. However, authentic expression requires an openness and boldness that can be daunting. This expression- be it through writing, music, art, design, dance, photography, etc.- is inherently personal. It is the act of putting the internal into the external… Continue reading 3 Pillars for Authentic Expression by Reverie Ink