To Be Continued by Prex J.D. V Ybasco, A Book Review

To Be Continued is a YA coming of age tale about a college student named Azalea Anthony and her loves of writing, basketball, and coffee. Through this work we get a feel for the often turbulent love connections among Azalea and her friends, and through this lens we get a depiction of what Prex J.D. V Ybasco considers love and romance. Along the narrative path, we meet several characters: Vim, one of Azalea’s closest friends and confidant; Beatrix, another close friend from college; Jasmine, a rival/not so rival of Azalea who happens to be dating Vim. These are to name a few. Each of these characters end up tangled for better or worse in the happenings in and around CIU, Central International University.

This book, I think does something interestingly well. By virtue of it being a coming of age we, the reader, expects some “slice-of-life”. In To Be Continued we are immersed in it, as if the daily goings on take precedent to the plot at hand. I say this is interesting because, even though I’ve seen it done in works of other media, I haven’t really seen it in a novel. It is through this slice of life lens that we get a bit more of a layered/complex look at the characters within the novel; it is how we get to learn the personalities and quirks of each. Without this trait, I think the book would have fallen completely flat.

There were some hangups while reading, though. The first worth pointing out is its overall format. I’m not sure what it was formatted for but the PDF I received had margins fluctuating between an inch and only a couple of spaces from the edge of the page. It was visually dissatisfying, and almost made me want to not read it from the jump. Second, the book on the whole needs a round of editing. There were sentence with blatant typos, such as a double placement of the article “a” before a noun. Other times there were just awkward sentence constructions that needed a deep edit. These awkward sentences left me re-reading more times than I would normally put up with.

Overall, I think both To Be Continued and Ybasco have potential. I look forward to reading any of her future work, and I would also be glad to re-read the work after an edit. Hell, I would even put my hat in to work as an editor for the novel. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book if it first received a treatment of an editor, otherwise, the formatting and need for editing will turn off most readers.

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        1. That’s what I try to do with my reviews! You have to make sure to cover both the positive and those that need work. Please, if you enjoyed the review, to share it and make sure people know that I try to be thorough.

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