One Sentence Challenge #6: Saying Goodbye

Congratulations to Kira at Kira Scribbled for her great post on challenge #5. Her entry reads:

Lying alone amongst the wet leaves, I desperately search for you in the sliver of heaven at days end.

Another shout out to Leigh Reynolds, who continues to support this challenge and providing beautiful sentences as well.

His spirit was dry, crumbling like the leaves beneath his horse’s feet; he wondered how he would find the strength to fight through the shortening days and the bleak winter that lay ahead.

The point of a one sentence challenge is write the most perfectly written sentence that you are able. It is a challenge in brevity, clarity, and artistry. It pushes you to come up with the best you can write, without the added pressure of writing a story or novel of any sort. The prompt for this week is Saying Goodbye.

1st Attempt: I feel you lips on mine… (Abandoned almost immediately after writing)

2nd Attempt: I let your bounty of lips invade mine, knowing this parting blow is not forever, but just a sample to hold me over.

Final Attempt: Your inexorable kiss invades my lips, and despite my desperation, I know this parting blow is not a lifetime supply; instead, it is just a sample to hold me over.

I hope you enjoyed my one sentence and the journey for it to become the best version of itself. Please leave a comment below with the best sentence you can make with the prompt “Saying Goodbye” for a chance for me to advertise you and your site on my blog!

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7 thoughts on “One Sentence Challenge #6: Saying Goodbye”

  1. Yay! Thank you. 😊

    Here’s my sentence for this week.
    “My opportunity at the company be damned; I wouldn’t let her walk by again without seeing if her smile was as lovely as I imagined.”
    It’s a different goodbye and a new hello. 😁

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  2. In silence, I caress the silk, months of my strained eyes and pricked fingers as I stitched the delicate symbols, stained with the blood of my labor, and now my fresh tears as I know that as I finished the shroud I must finish his life as well.


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