Hands and Other Torture Devices, A Poem

Martin Luther King Jr and Ghiath Matar
Instructed in the ways of peace
Met untimely deaths at the hands
And other torture devices of their aggressors
Who would’ve benefited from their continued oppression
The roses Matar handed to Syrian solders along with water
Could not protect him against the whims of evil
Dreams benevolent and beautiful
Cannot be donned as bullet-proof armor
Warding off tyranny as if by magic, or God
Words, no matter ink or pixel,
Can only be wielded as a weapon
When the opponent shoots intangible bullets
While the aggressors chose lead, we must equip force
Spartan shielding our kin
From the inevitable tirade of slings and arrows

Photo Credit: https://www.pexels.com/@neo8iam

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