One Sentence Challenge #4: On a Forest Road

Let me first extend a congratulations to Leigh Reynolds (she doesn’t have a website, unfortunately) for her wonderful entry in my last one sentence challenge, A Rusty Mailbox:

No mail again but still I wait, watching time etch its rusty passage, still believing that love will find its way home.

I also wanted to give a shout out to kirascribbled for both her participation and her interest in these one sentence challenges. Seeing that kind, or any kind of interest for that matter, drives my blogging habits.

Like a soldier well past his prime, the weathered mailbox stood ready to be of service, even if it’s just one more time.

As I’ve said every week, the point of a one sentence challenge is write the most perfectly written sentence that you are able. It is a challenge in brevity, clarity, and artistry. It pushes you to come up with the best you can write, without the added pressure of writing a story or novel of any sort. The prompt for this week is On a Forest Road.

1st Attempt: I did not know silence or sanity until a tree and its myriad kin enveloped

2nd Attempt: Since the season of my surrender to a tree and its myriad kin, I have not known silence or sanity.

Final Attempt: I have not known sanity or silence since the season I surrendered to a tree and and its myriad kin. 

I hope you enjoyed my one sentence and the journey for it to become the best version of itself. Please leave a comment below with the best sentence you can make with the prompt “On a Forest Road” for a chance for me to advertise you and your site on my blog!

5 thoughts on “One Sentence Challenge #4: On a Forest Road”

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out.😊 Sorry I’m soooo very late to this one. Here’s my sentence:
    “These dappled shadows were made for skipping upon while I hum along with nature and happily recall, I do belong.”

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