One Sentence Challenge #3: A Rusty Mailbox

I’d like to give a final thanks to E. Darby Harrington at Orienting Details for inspiring this idea. Please check out her site and show her content some love.

The point of a one sentence challenge is write the most perfectly written sentence that you are able. It is a challenge in brevity, clarity, and artistry. I also wanted you all, my wonderful audience, to participate which is why every One Sentence Challenge post will have a prompt. As you can see from the title, the prompt for this week is A Rusty Mailbox.

This is the quickest I have done the challenge, clocking in at 4 minutes and 18 seconds. I hope you like seeing the progress!

1st Attempt: The oxidized metal-brushed mailbox, stands alone on a quiet street side

2nd Attempt: The oxidized metal-brushed mailbox stood alone, long separated from the home that once used it.

Final Attempt: The house that used it long vanished to the whims of construction crews, but the oxidized metal-brushed mailbox was still perched on the street side.

I hope you enjoyed my one sentence and the journey for it to become the best version of itself. Please leave a comment below with the best sentence you can make with the prompt: A Rusty Mailbox.

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