Samples of Flesh, Changing of the Gods, and Proof Beyond Doubt

Samples of Flesh

Creaking knees are ticking seconds
Of a Rolex inherited from ancestral DNA
Either elastic of pleather
Plastic or gold, the hand moves the same
These dwindling seconds are all there is
Despite Shoulder’s Weight
And suitcased eyes
It moves just right

Changing of the Gods

The mind is an autoimmune disease
Benedicting itself without reason

The mind is a God
Healing itself like an Easter Miracle

Proof Beyond Doubt

Death awaits because we have time loaned
It stands outside our dwellings
Like mobsters seeking collection of an unpayable debt
So we must ring up our bodies

Darwin knew fear to say
The mob comes for the weak first
The indiscriminance of Death
Knows no fittest

Welcome the sudden void
Thank kindly the mobster-ferrymen
Who suddenly shepherd us to darkness
and We render unto oblivion

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