What The Hell Is That Thing?

It’s called an AlphaSmart NEO. It’s a dedicated word processor with no excess features like internet connectivity, etc.

What do I call it? This little thing meant to teach kids to type (you know back when we had to teach kids how to type), is called my first draft machine. Every short story I’ve written since I’ve bought it has been drafted first on this device. I purposefully write on this because it forces me forward instead of back. I can’t see the entirety of the story at once, like I can with a word processor on a computer, instead I have the same six lines that I can fill up. I’d have to scroll up with the arrow keys in order to see more of the text but that is more work than I’m ever wanting to do, and so, as a result, I’m propelled forever forward until the completion of my draft because I use this AlphaSmart.

Are you interested in owning one? Check out this link on Amazon. I hope it serves you all as well as it has served me.

11 thoughts on “What The Hell Is That Thing?”

  1. That’s a smart move. First. Coz as you rightly said, it forces your forward, secondly because it doesn’t support all that noise from social networking media, emails, etc etc. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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