Writing Prompt: Hitchhiker

Scene: Your two main characters are travelling cross county on vacation. It’s early morning and the sun has barely broken over the horizon. On the side of the road your protagonist notices a ragged old man on the side of the street. For an unknown reason you are compelled to pick up this stranger.

I’m setting this up for a thriller/horror type story but serious props will go to those who skirt away from that cliche and try to take it another way. As usual, the winners and participants will be listed this Saturday.

Happy writing.

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Hitchhiker”

  1. Hahah great writing prompt! I actually just used this photo for one of my blog posts too, which is why this caught my eye (I wrote a short story about death). I think if I was to write a story based on your prompt, I’d do a twist where the old man is actually Life, and due to their good deed of picking him up, he grants them one wish each – with a twist at the end of which I have yet to think of … lol 🙂 Although, I always write romance so I’d have to fit that in somehow too

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