Roles of a Writer: The Advertiser

Advertisers are the image presenters of the company. They ensure the company’s brand has an overall cohesiveness, and more than that, actively try to draw customers to invest in the product. As such there are lessons for writers to learn from advertisers this article will limit those lessons to submitting work, advertising with social media, and seeking business opportunities.

Submitting Your Work

It shouldn’t be a surprise to more experienced writers but submitting your work to publishers is advertisement. When you send your work to a publisher they are evaluating your product (the submission) and determining whether they should invest in the product. Therefore submitting a work requires a keen self-awareness. Writers should learn how to put their best foot forward in correspondence with those publishers by writing concise and professional emails or being cordial in verbal conversation. Neither “concise” nor “professional” imply impersonal; it is important to keep the elements which make up your personality as a writer. For writers, personality can be a major selling point.

Social Media

Many writers would disagree but you should advertise your work on social media. A published writer doesn’t have to deal with this sort of thing, in fact most of this role is put in another’s hands upon publication, but an independent or unpublished writer needs to heed this carefully. Social media is a tool that can help you present the best image of yourself possible. Be intelligent with your use of social media.

Advertising via social media is a difficult task but it is necessary if you hope to garner any attention. The advertiser knows works will go unnoticed whether or not they’re advertised but they do it anyway knowing that something will catch the audience. The advertiser is persistent in their pursuit in elevating the brand of the independent writer.

 Writing Opportunities

Unfortunately finding an opportunity for writing is quite difficult and requires a bit of persistence. The purpose of the advertiser in finding writing opportunities is to market yourself out to the company(s) you wish to work with. Do you read a publishing company you’d like to work with? Or maybe magazine you enjoy reading has an opening for a writer? You’ve got to show them your interest and the traits you have that the company would need. No two writers have exactly the same skill set, so use that to your advantage.

The advertiser is an underestimated role because it takes place after the fact of writing your story/novel/etc. This doesn’t make it any less important than writing. Without a somewhat developed advertiser role no one will read what you write. Or else you’d be leaving it to the whims of the unpredictable world for something to land on your table.

4 thoughts on “Roles of a Writer: The Advertiser”

  1. Very helpful advice. I suppose it is like going on a job interview every time you submit something. You have to sell yourself, as well as your skills as a writer.

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