Writing Prompt: Fear

I’ve been thinking about the role fear plays in fiction. Fear can be so severe as to seem palpable. Fear can debilitate a person from enjoying anything they love. In fiction, fear is the emotional obstacle the protagonist needs to overcome, it is a means to approach the climax. Fear, as devastating as it is, can also be a creative force. It can be the impetus for one to start anew.

For this week’s prompt I want stories and poetry on fear. Take it in anyway you see fit and feel free to interpret and reinterpret fear in anyway you see fit. Leave your prompt work as a comment below, or link this post. Either way, I’ll take a  look at the participants of this and post the winning fiction and/or poetry on my site this Saturday. For those interested in what that looks like, follow this link to last week.

I want to see the depth and darkness of fear.


Author: Austin L. Wiggins

Austin L. Wiggins is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist from Southern California. He runs a blog called Writings By Ender where he publishes his work every Saturday. Austin is also co-creator and writer for the upcoming literature magazine titled “Beautiful Losers”.

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