Writing Prompt: It Was a Pleasure to Burn

Today’s writing prompt is inspired by Fahrenheit 451, a book by Ray Bradbury. In the book “burn” refers to book burning but the prompt today is to use the opening sentence dissimilar to the context in Fahrenheit 451. The opening sentence: It was a pleasure to burn.

As usual I am encouraging participation in this writing prompt. Leave your prompt work as a comment below, or link this post in the story you write. Either way, I’ll take a look at the participants of this and all the other prompts I’ve listed so far, and I’ll post the winning prompt work on my site this Saturday.

Let’s see in how many ways you can burn.

41 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: It Was a Pleasure to Burn”

  1. I was angry
    Yet the more angry I got
    The more my heartbeat rate increased
    I was drained physically and emotionally after
    I developed a high temperature
    I was burning
    I wanted to burn
    The aftermaths were not delightful after all.
    I met with my EX and I was still mad at him after a year and three months of separation. I fully comprehend Ray Bradbury statement”It was a pleasure to burn.”

    #Reality #Anger

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  2. […] Every Monday I do a prompt challenge for writers to participate and the plan with them was to advertise the best work of fiction from the prompts on Saturday. This was the first week people volunteered their work to my blog and I am grateful for them having done that. So in honor of the participants of the prompt, below are all the entries from the prompt “It was a pleasure to burn“. […]


  3. Its cold outside. Your light kept me warm. Yes you are angry on me. But “its a pleasure to burn”.

    Dedicated to my girlfriend who is mad at me for few days now.


  4. Hii Guys!! I know it’s random but I would love for you guys to see my blo
    gs too and offer me your views upon it. Thanks
    And oh, yes indeed it’s a pleasure to burn.

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  5. Hey there. I am kind of new at this thing and I was hoping to get followers but its been really hard can you help me out. I believe my writing is worth reading for I just need a certain amount of followers to illustrate my talent.

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  6. Life can be a real tease – overtly generous when you cannot accept its generosity and highly unyielding when you crave for acceptance! And this overtly generous nature of life at the most unexpected bends can still feel wonderful for the rush it provides. After all, It is a Pleasure to Burn!


  7. It was a pleasure to burn in the blistering sun in Australia.

    Upon returning home I went to the local pub, in this pub I Sat conversing with a gentleman age 40-50.

    I told him of my adventures and he sat there telling me how jealous he was and how he wished he had of done that.

    In this moment I realised, I did not want to be this guy in the pub filled with jealousy and regret from a wasted youth.

    It was a pleasure to burn any possibility of that ever happening in that moment.


  8. It was a pleasure to burn.
    16 months of loving you while you loved her. 16… MONTHS. 487 days hair-shedding stress, blood-shot sleep deprived eyes, and a very much broken heart.
    But I will tell you this. I wouldn’t trade anything. I am crazy.
    I would rather have pieces of you than nothing. I would rather have once in a lifetime than never at all. I would rather know this love in all of its mess and imperfections than live life wondering if Prince Charming ever lives outside the movies.
    It was a pleasure to burn.. and I burned for you.
    Missing you.. it comes in waves. I think about you every second. At night time I drown.
    I’d burn for you forever… because I would do anything for Love. What would you do?


        1. Indeed, I have finished the hardest few paragraphs of my book. Have been writing it since 2014. I will email the paragraphs to you tomorrow morning. First book I published was in 1995. A 50 history of my grandparents church. Thank you.

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