Pen and Paper, A Poem by Jessie Gutierrez

Each swipe of the pen is
Like needle and thread;
A suture to mend,
All the ways these days
Have cut me.

Each sheet of paper sullied,
Soaked equally with anguish and joy,
Bleeds me of anxiety and need,
Forever stained with the pain
Of too visceral emotion.

A healing ledger of what was once felt;
The only reminder of cards once dealt,
Day to day marked by all I wouldn’t say.
Better than any doctor or drug was the daily
Treatment to be found in pen and paper.

Jessie Gutierrez finds that the only way she can comfortably write about herself is from behind the veil of poetry or goofy blog rants, most of which find their home at Her first science fiction novel is set to debut sometime this year.

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