Departure a Flash Fiction Story

Mark’s departure had nothing to do with no longer being in love with his wife Lexie but the departure did promise a reprieve from the constant fighting and mutual torment.

The drive to the airport was quiet and neither dared to share a word with the other. There were half utterance trying to mention a fleeting thought or a joke but they held back. Instead Lexie drove and Mark counted the broken lines on the highway and checked his phone time of arrival.

They didn’t share a word with each other but Lexie helped with his bags and treated him as gently as should could. Lexie was no longer in love with Mark.

“You don’t have to wait for the plane to come.” Mark said to Lexie.

“I know.” She stayed around anyway. They still didn’t talk.

The plane arrived an hour later and Mark boarded. Before entering the gate Lexie shouted, “I love you.”  Mark said it back.

Mark’s departure had nothing to do with wanting to rekindle his marriage but he was hoping to do so on his return.

6 thoughts on “Departure a Flash Fiction Story”

  1. Omg. Last year I wrote a screenplay involving a couple with remotely similar dynamics of love buried deep down under layers of resentment last year and this flash fiction is reminding me of my own work XD A flash very well done. I never could encapsulate the dynamics of my own fictional couple into a few paragraphs.

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