3 Pillars for Authentic Expression by Reverie Ink

The Creative Process

The creative process is simple in concept- a powerful practice, like ritual or meditation. However, authentic expression requires an openness and boldness that can be daunting. This expression- be it through writing, music, art, design, dance, photography, etc.- is inherently personal. It is the act of putting the internal into the external to be witnessed; for us to engage with the world among its other creations and complexities. It brings us a deeper knowledge of living, but requires us to bring forward our true selves in order for the process to work. We must acknowledge who we are, and with dedicated practice continually open ourselves to the process.

Here are the 3 pillars that I follow for cultivating authentic expression:

1. Live with courage

A good friend once told me that “your life is too valuable to wait for something to let you start living”. It can be easy to put off fully living our lives, whatever that might mean to us. Almost every significant or meaningful turn in my life’s path, as I might define it, started with me taking a small but bold step. Something I might have written off as something for another time, when I had X in place, or was less tired. Things as small as agreeing to go to special film screening, joining a choir, applying to or submitting to an opportunity on a whim- not realizing at the time the true impact it would have on my creative life.

These small actions shape your life in in subtle but significant ways, and create paths and realizations that could not have been foreseen. This practice of living boldly and in pursuit of what enriches or interests you is part of what I believe to be a well-lived life, and one that is highly conducive to the discovery of creative opportunity.

2. Reflect with intention

It is only through knowing ourselves that we can hope to create something true to us. As we move through life, we must make moments for intentional reflection in order to reacquaint ourselves with our changing, growing selves. Be it talking with a mentor, journaling, reflecting in silence, this must be a regular practice. For the more that we engage the world and ourselves, the more there is to process and build upon what we have learned.

3. Create with commitment

Commit to yourself the practice of continued creativity, whatever that form takes for you. The number of times are far too many that I have let a spark of inspiration fade for fear it would lead to nothing; that it wouldn’t be good enough for myself or others, or to put it off for a “better” day, only to have the better day never come. It is a commitment to yourself to create in the absence of total inspiration, which will allow you to explore and find along the way what is authentic to you.

Reverie Ink is a place for writings and musings on topics related to creative expression, memories, and life design. We explore the creative process, focusing on the core human experiences that define and unite us as individuals. For more posts by Reverie Ink check out her website at https://reverieink.com/.

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